HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 18, 2019

May 3 - May 9, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Fearmongering in the News This Week About the O-word ‘Crisis’

by Vania Phitidis

"trying to make fat people thin by dieting, restricting foods, calories or fat/ carb grams does not work long term. Instead, it increases the likelihood of eating disorders developing – and if not that – lifelong battles with food and their bodies.”


Yes, I'm In School for Nutrition. No, I Don't Want to Hear About Your Diet.

by Christine Byrne

“the healthiest way to talk about nutrition is to talk about nutrition a lot less.”


Eloquii's #ModelThat Campaign Challenges Unconscious Weight Bias At Work

by Virgie Tovar

"Plus-size women offer unique skills, perspective, style and insights to the workplace.”


HAES® is a Cornerstone for Recovery

by Lisa Pearl

“Based upon my experience as a pediatric specialist, I want to emphasize the life-time of damage that can occur when children are told that their bodies are inadequate/unacceptable/unhealthy because of their size. The incidence of eating disordered behaviors following participation in a pediatric weight loss program is alarming.”


Is your child's target weight a gift to the eating disorder?

By Eva Musby

“you can’t beat an eating disorder if you’re attached to a weight target that has been set too low. A target is one at which the brain and the mind are healthy, not just heart rate or blood pressure."

This is a fantastic resource explaining the 2 ways recovery weight targets are set for adolescents with an eating disorder and why the one based on BMI alone is a disaster for many kids.

Essential reading for all health professionals that work with kids and parents of kids with EDs.


Why You Can’t Replace Medicine with Food

by Amee Severson

“When we turn food into medicine and cultivate an “eat to live” mentality, we remove everything else from food. If we pretend that food is just nutrients or a means to heal disease, we erase histories, celebrations, and memories.”


Pursuing Weight Loss Is Not a Way to “Take Care of Yourself”

by Dana Sturtevant

“Monday, May 6th is International No Diet Day, a day to celebrate the beauty and diversity of how bodies show up in the world, affirm every body’s right to live free of shame, stigma, and oppression, and learn the facts about weight loss, dieting, health, and body size.”


Poor People Deserve To Taste Something Other Than Shame

by Ijeoma Oluo

"I look back on this time and I do feel shame. Not for being poor, but for allowing the judgement of others to dehumanize both me and my mom. I’m ashamed because as I sat at that table, I didn’t taste a single bite of that Boston cream pie. I haven’t had Boston cream pie since, and I doubt I ever will, because the opportunity for it to taste like indulgence and humanity and normality has been lost, and now it can only taste like regret.”


What Happens When You Put a Kid on a Diet

by Rachel Miller

“our obsession with weight and "healthy" eating is introducing harmful static into our children’s innate ability to develop into competent eaters."


Tackling overdiagnosis: Why GPs should define what constitutes disease

by Camel Sparke and Paul Smith

"The call [to redefine diagnostic cutoffs] has come from leading family doctors who point to conditions such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and osteoporosis, saying they have been defined as diseases when they are no more than risk factors.”


What Is Barbershop Therapy?

by Celeste Hamilton Dennis

“Increasingly, communities are starting to see the need to equip unlikely first responders to better recognize health concerns in the people they interact with on a daily basis”


The Resistance is Real

by Laurie of Two Fat Professors

“As it turns out, being assholes to fat people negatively impacts their health.”


Exercise Isn’t Just About Weight Loss: 10 Tips to Navigate Radical Self Love and Exercise Culture

by Gillian Brown

“for many of us, exercise feels more like a tool for self hate than for self love, and I blame this on how strongly exercise is associated with weight loss.”


Self-care has to be rooted in self-preservation, not just mimosas and spa days

by Lizzo

“I finally realized that owning up to your vulnerabilities is a form of strength, and making the choice to go to therapy is a form of strength.”