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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 19, 2019

May 11 - May 17, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Men of Manual campaign challenges male body image in the media

by Alex R. Holmes

"the Men of Manual campaign seeks to highlight the different shapes men come in, embracing their bodies and their mental health.”


Super Fat Erasure: 4 Ways Smaller Fat Bodies Crowd the Conversation

by Caleb Luna

“Focusing on smaller fat people not only redefines what fatness is, but also obscures the goals necessary to achieve justice for those most affected by fat stigma.By focusing on and centering those who are most likely to experience street harassment, negligent medical care, wage discrimination and other avenues of the most violent forms of fat stigma, we can liberate us all."


Prediabetes: The epidemic that never was, and shouldn't be

by Isabel Beshar and Hank Campbell

"It’s...unclear if the predictive value of prediabetes is actually valuable. The most recent long-term epidemiological surveys show that only 5 to 10 percent of patients labeled prediabetic actually progress to diabetes, with a full 50 percent of people reverting to normal glycemia in follow-up visits. This may be why the WHO and International Diabetes Federation have effectively de-adopted the “prediabetes” lexicon, noting that “so many people do not progress to diabetes as the term implies.””


Disabled people don’t need so many fancy new gadgets. We just need more ramps.

by S. E. Smith

“Members of the public view disability as a tragedy and a personal problem, so individualized tech “fixes” are appealing but ignore the larger issue: Why is everyone afraid of the big bad wheelchair?”



Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Symptoms and Treatments Explained By Experts

By Amy Brewster

“Obviously any negative comments about that individual’s appearance are going to be a major trigger for Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Equally, many individuals with BDD say they struggle with compliments as they then feel pressure to look exactly like that all the time.”