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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 27, 2019

July 5 - July 11, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

The Gifts of Fatness

by Your Fat Friend

"Whoever you are, whatever the story of your body, your experience as a fat person has shown you a side of the world so many don’t see. It has taught you, you have learned, you have grown, and you are stronger in ways you never should’ve needed to be.”


Nearly a Quarter of Men 18–24 Have Signs of Disordered Eating

by Heather Cruickshank

"When Phillips and her colleagues studied muscle dysmorphia, they estimated that more than 20 percent of men with this condition met the criteria for an eating disorder.”


Fat Is Not the Problem—Fat Stigma Is

by Linda Bacon

“Focusing on weight—or health behaviors—puts the burden on the individual, deflecting attention from the more pernicious problem: systemic injustice.”


The Recovery I Needed

by Amelia Boone

"As I threw my hands in the air and proclaimed “I’m doing everything right” to avoid injury, I struggled with the growing internal self-flagellation for knowing that I wasn’t doing EVERYTHING I could. I could do all the PT exercises, I could do the slow return to run progression, I could take supplements, I could spend thousands of dollars on all the fancy recovery tools, but I knew one thing deep in my heart: there is no substitute for plentiful food and nourishment in order to prevent injuries."

CW: account of struggles with anorexia nervosa and some ableist language


Do vitamin drips really work? The evidence says ‘no’, so save your money and eat real food

by Emily Burch

"For most of us, the quantities of vitamins and minerals needed for good health can be obtained by eating a healthy diet with a wide range of foods and food groups. Obtaining vitamins and minerals from your diet is much easier, cheaper, and safer.

Unless you have a medically diagnosed reason for getting a vitamin infusion and it was prescribed by your doctor, you are always better off obtaining vitamins and minerals through food."