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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 28, 2019

July 12 - July 18, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Coffee doesn't increase cancer risk, researchers find

by Brendan Mounter

"Drinking coffee does not change a person’s risk of being diagnosed with or dying from cancer”


Pow! Comics are a way to improve queer men’s body image

by Phillip Joy, Matthew Numer, Megan Aston, Stephanie Gauvin

"comics used in health knowledge communication can have social and emotional benefits for patients, families and communities. Comics for health care!"


The HAES® files: An Open Letter to Dr. X, From a Former Fat Child

by 'Mary'

“The last thing they [kids] need to hear from a trusted authority figure is that there is something wrong with them that don’t have the resources to control.”


A Potential Hidden Factor in Why People Have So Much Trouble Losing Weight

by Amanda Mull

"[This molecular mechanism] might have evolved to protect mammals, including humans, when another meal might not be predictably forthcoming and the body’s ability to retain its resources would be a boon.”

Note: weight centric but interesting


Ending period 'taboo' gave USA marginal gain at World Cup

by Keiran Pender

"Often we are afraid of discussing this because we don’t really understand it,....I feel particularly for male coaches, who wonder how they would start this discussion.”