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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 32, 2019

August 9 - August 15, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

There's a New Diet App for Kids, and That Scares Me

by Alexis Conason

"Parents, I’m asking you—pleading with you—not to put your children on a diet. Our children deserve to fully engage in the world unencumbered by body shame and thoughts of dieting and food tracking.”


Sexist and body-shaming ads could be banned under new rule

by Mark Sweney

"Our review of the evidence strongly indicates that particular forms of gender stereotypes in ads can contribute to harm for adults and children by limiting how people see themselves and how others see them and the life decisions they take”


"I Implore You To Make Memories That Extend Beyond What You Have Eaten Today"

by Jameela Jamil

“We are too special and too interesting to be judged solely on our appearance; too powerful to be caught in such a constricting harness. Our variety is beautiful, interesting and important.”


A New York Times article about the perfect workout for every 'wedding dress silhouette' sparked internet outrage, and health experts agree it perpetuates damaging body ideals

by Gabby Landsverk

"The idea that a woman would pick a dress and then try to change her body to complement the dress — that she is the thing that needs altering — is so insulting”


Teacher accused of taking 'unhealthy' food off kids

by Otago Daily Times

"The teacher, whose name is suppressed, appeared before the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal today on 10 charges including deprivation of food, pushing and shoving children and yelling at children in two centres in 2017.”