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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 36, 2019

September 13 - October 3, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Melbourne's #BOPOExpo is giving us all the 'Fat Babe Pool Party' feels!

by Rebel Wylie

“We have taken steps to ensure people from as many marginalised body types as possible can attend this event with ease, knowing it was designed with them in mind”


Fat people must become a priority to the left

by Da'Shaun Harrison

“While fat studies is a fairly new academic area, there is tons of work out there to be engaged.”


Plus-size influencers have message for 'fat-phobic' family members: 'I need your support'

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss

“To the dismay of the willfully ignorant, fat bodies are normal. Existing in one, having one, loving one is normal, though you’d almost never know it if you didn’t seek out this lesson on your own.”


Why the way we teach kids table manners is actually kind of racist

by Joshna Maharaj

“there are many different ways to eat food and that they’re all worthy of respect and acknowledgement.”


A brief history of singular ‘they’

by Dennis Baron

"Even people who object to singular they as a grammatical error use it themselves when they’re not looking, a sure sign that anyone who objects to singular they is, if not a fool or an idiot, at least hopelessly out of date.”