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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 37, 2019

October 4 - October 18, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

"It’s on you”: How to build an inclusive business, from Atlassian’s Aubrey Blanche

by Stephanie Palmer-Derrien

“If all of your female employees are in HR and marketing, you’re not actually creating diversity”


I Love Working Out with Bodies Like Mine

by Ama Scriver

“A body-positive trainer may frame all physical activities as feel-good activities. They might focus on your overall well-being rather than striving toward unobtainable body standards, like certain numbers on the scale.”


Nick Cave gives 16-year-old fan moving advice on body positivity

by Andrew Trendell

“Vulnerability is the very thing that permits us to connect with each other, to recognise in others the same discomfort they have with themselves and with their place in the world”


'Veiled in secrecy': call for surgeons to disclose complications rates

by Kate Aubusson

“Surgery is like sex: everyone talks up their performance...But getting the objective data to verify their claims is much harder to come by.”


The Bizarre and Racist History of the BMI

by Your Fat Friend

“As in so many subjects, the science isn’t nearly as pure or objective as we’d like to believe”