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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 37, 2019

October 4 - October 18, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

"It’s on you”: How to build an inclusive business, from Atlassian’s Aubrey Blanche

by Stephanie Palmer-Derrien

“If all of your female employees are in HR and marketing, you’re not actually creating diversity”



Nick Cave gives 16-year-old fan moving advice on body positivity

by Andrew Trendell

“Vulnerability is the very thing that permits us to connect with each other, to recognise in others the same discomfort they have with themselves and with their place in the world”








Why Budget Cooking Tips Are Useless For Low-Income Families

by Christine Byrne

“all those antioxidants from fruits and veggies cannot stand up to the effects of systemic oppression [and] generational trauma”


Turns out near-death experiences are psychedelic, not religious

by Philip Jaekl

“The results indicated their phenomenological experiences after taking DMT were highly similar to near-death experiences – a finding not present after being administered the placebo.”


Why Veggies Won't Save Health Care In Real Life

by Liz Brinkman

“all those antioxidants from fruits and veggies cannot stand up to the effects of systemic oppression [and] generational trauma”


Our tastes change with adulthood, pregnancy, medication and more. Here's why

by Jo Khan

“Our food experiences and preferences are developing and changing throughout our entire life — even before we are born.”


8 Simple Ways to Spot a Bogus Health Fad

by Yvette d'Entremont

“Our desperation and biases are what the snake-oil salesmen count on to supplant evidence.”


Instagram's ban on weight loss ads is good, but not good enough

by Sarah Berry

“The changes on Instagram and Facebook were largely the result of activists standing up for young people and calling for their protection from diet culture and a weight loss industry that does not, would you believe, have our best interests at heart. The industry won't change, but we can."


Why Kids Don't Need To Diet, with Anna Lutz

by Amy Palanjian

“the fear that our culture has about weight right now sets the parent up to feel that they need to control what a child is eating—which can be damaging longterm”


What I Learned as an 11 Year Old in Weight Watchers

by Your Fat Friend

“I learned to blame my body for every failure. I learned to long for thinness as a pathway to another life, the technicolor world of happiness and success that those women described so longingly, which was just out of reach. I learned to chastise myself like they did. I learned to fear food, over time, coming to resent needing to eat at all.”


“But Don’t You Care About Health?” and Other Misguided Beliefs

by Amee Severson

“the anti-diet movement is not an attack on you or your individual actions."


Why I’m No Longer Talking About Health

by Fat Black Sadistic

“we treat health as though it can be seen even though it is impossible to measure by the eye.”


Exercising To Ease Pain: Taking Brisk Walks Can Help

by Patti Neighmond

“gentle physical activity, gradually increased with a health care provider’s tailored guidance, will in fact improve their pain, and they need to think about it as a form of treatment — something they can engage in safely and comfortably.”


Bariatric Surgery May Compromise Mental Health

by Kristen Monaco

“Patients presenting with their first mental health issue following bariatric surgery tended to have a higher rate of complications requiring repeat surgery.”


The Quiet Harm of #TransformationTuesday

by Your Fat Friend

“as long as you think fat is bad on you, as long as you celebrate the thinness of your body, you are sending a message to everyone around you subtly, but certainly, that you value thinness over fatness”


Male Body Image and Weight Stigma

by Aaron Flores

“this very act of normalizing the fear of being vulnerable is one of the key things that needs to change for us to make topics like body image more accessible to men”


Work with women and girls? It’s time to reject psychiatry

by Jessica Eaton

“Moving away from a deficit model means not only rejecting the diagnosis of women and girls as mad, mentally ill or hysterical – but rejecting the way we try to quantify, categorise and predict the future of oppressed and abused women and girls.”


Wellness culture's obsession with Fitbits, 23andMe and data isn't necessarily making us healthier

by Timothy Caulfield

"don’t let the flashy marketing or the intuitive appeal of the quantification trend fool you. More data is not always better and can, in fact, be harmful. It can also suck the joy out of your day”

CW: the piece suggests that self weighing might be okay at the end of the article, and while it can be innocuous for some, for others (esp with body dissatisfaction and a history of dieting) it is definitely related to harm.


Unsure What Weight Stigma Is? Here’s A Quick Explainer

by Nina Mills

"Weight stigma is a term that is commonplace in the anti-diet, HAES and eating disorder spaces. But if you are unsure exactly what weight stigma is, this article offers a quick(ish!) explainer."


Why Self-Compassion Beats Self-Esteem

by Carley Sime

“individuals who are self-compassionate...tend to have better psychological health and also greater resilience when compared to those with lower levels of self-compassion [and] self-compassion is positively associated with life-satisfaction, emotional intelligence and social connectedness.”