HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 40, 2019

November 8 - November 21, 2019

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Articles & Blogs

Facing My Travel Fears: 40, Fat, Black & Vegan

by Nicole Vick

“Sometimes the fear of the unknown can hold us captive to what’s familiar and safe"


'There's nothing empowering for women about sharing misinformation'

by Kate Gregorevic

“Many health influencers...claim that they want to educate and empower women, but there is nothing empowering about sharing misinformation”


A global diet—designed to protect the planet—is too costly for 1.5 billion people

by Emma Bryce

“for 1.58 billion people across the planet, that diet comes at a cost that actually exceeds their household earnings.”


Feel the HAES®? What Every Social Worker Needs To Know About the Health at Every Size® Framework

by Samuelle Voltaire

“As social workers, our values lie in social justice and honoring the dignity and worth of people...We are called to challenge and remedy the impact of discrimination as it occurs and in its many forms – including fatphobia.”


Why We Fell for Clean Eating

by Bee Wilson

“Clean eating – whether it is called that or not – is perhaps best seen as a dysfunctional response to a still more dysfunctional food supply: a dream of purity in a [perceived] toxic world.”

This longish article is a couple of years old but pretty good overall - note it contains some medicalisation of higher body weights and (in passing) makes the unsubstantiated claim that childhood type 2 diabetes is diet related.


Family meals: Challenging the importance of eating together

by Jo Lindsay

“Sitting down together every night is an unreasonable public health instruction on how to live...Instead of reinforcing nostalgic and unrealistic versions of family life and requiring the performance of frequent family meals, we suggest it may be useful for public health practitioners to imagine and support diverse family food practices”


27 Responses to (Never-Ending) Diet Talk

by Your Fat Friend

“For those of us with histories of eating disorders, diet talk isn’t just small talk — it can directly, immediately harm our physical and mental health.”


Here’s Why Gaining Weight Was Actually The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

by Jamie Cattanach

“eventually I realized that if I ever wanted to pull myself from the iron cage I’d created — if I ever wanted to have the chance at an actually healthy relationship with food and my body — I had to let go of dieting entirely.”


Eat Like The Ancient Babylonians: Researchers Cook Up Nearly 4,000-Year-Old Recipes

by Maria Goody, Scott Simon and Peter Breslow

“In the 1940s, a researcher named Mary Hussey suggested the writing was actually recipes, but "people really didn't believe her" at the time”


Kids will keep developing eating disorders until we address our relationship with food

by Joshua Wolrich

“If we are going to start reducing the rates of anorexia, we can’t continue to normalise eating disorder techniques in the pursuit of weight loss and health”


Why Women Will Save Running

by Erin Strout

“The more visible, the more powerful, and the more lucrative the coaching position becomes, the fewer women you’re going to find. The reason why it matters is because when you have diversity in your workforce, abuse of power is less likely because you have diversity of opinions, perspectives, and safeguards."


How Diet Culture Harms Women in Recovery

by Olivia Pennelle

“despite the fact that many of us were underweight when we came into recovery, we still treat any weight gain as a negative. That’s because of diet culture. We are quick to label our sudden increase in appetite and desire for highly palatable food as a problem. Some jump to the conclusion that they are addicted to sugar or food.”