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HealthNotDiets Digest, Issue 41, 2019

November 22 - December 12, 2019

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Research & Clinical Practice

Learning to eat intuitively: A qualitative exploration of the experience of mid-age women

by Emma Louise Barraclough, et al.

Nearly all women [in the study] did not want their family or friends to experience the same mental and physical distress they had experienced with food and weight. These women were ‘motivate[ed] to role model the right kind of attitude [eating intuitively] to food’.”

Barraclough, Emma Louise, et al. "Learning to eat intuitively: A qualitative exploration of the experience of mid-age women." Health psychology open 6.1 (2019): 2055102918824064.


Unpacking Weight Science Podcast

How about bite-sized podcasts that you can claim as professional development?!?

I've designed the Unpacking Weight Science Podcast to suit health professionals, health science students and anyone who wants to know more about human body weight, health outcomes, interpreting weight related research and the far ranging effects of weight bias.

The 20-30 minute monthly podcasts unpack different elements of weight bias & stigma, weight research, BMI, health behaviours and weight neutral approaches. Paid subscribers (only $5/month!) get instant access to all previous episodes plus full show notes, reference list, self-test quiz and resource materials for use in practice for recent episodes. This equates to an hour of professional development activity each month :-)

Available for subscribers now is:

'The Deal with Weight Loss Drugs: Big Pharma, Physiology and the Hard Sell'

Unpacking Weight Science Podcast Episode 29 is out now! This episode takes a look at the current weight loss drugs on the market, the way they function, side effects and long term outcomes as well as the wheeling and dealing that takes place behind the scenes by ‘Obesity Inc’ in the approval and promotion of these drugs.

and instantly access 22 episodes before the rest of the world!

Episodes 1-5 are now on iTunes!

Search 'Unpacking Weight Science'

to listen to them for free!


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